"Paprika Southern" Feature

It's been just over a year since I posted anything on my blog. Sheesh! Life has been busy to say the least. Between renovating my attic into a new studio space, then having a baby, and now painting while raising a baby, things are a bit hectic (yet wonderful at the same time)! Whew, I'm tired just from saying all that. ;)

Anyway, here is an awesome article written by Bevin Valentine Jalbert for Paprika Southern's Fall 2015 issue that features photos by Siobhan Egan capturing my new studio space beautifully! A huge thanks to Bevin and Siobhan for featuring me in your first print issue! Bevin you did a great job of interpreting my ramblings quite eloquently. Thanks for making me sound smarter than I am. ;)

Paprika Southern is a southern lifestyle magazine celebrating the art and style of the South. If you like this article, check out more of what they have to offer on their website: www.paprikasouthern.com.

Eide Magazine

I am charmed to be considered an "artist to look out for" by the beautiful Eide Magazine, which features style and culture of the south!  From their Instagram post, "The South is rich with talented artists so impressive it's nearly impossible to chose a favorite.  We've amassed our own collection of artists to look out for in the latest issue as their south-after work continues to hit the radar."  Pick up the magazine in print (cover below) or head to eidemagazine.com to learn more about all the featured artists.

Amy Lind Eidemagazine

Here's what the cover of this issue looks like:

Eide magazine

Marcel the Shell book #2

A lot has been going on this summer, and I look forward to updating my blog with lots of exciting news very soon!!  In the meantime, I wanted to announce that Marcel the Shell: The Most Surprised I've Ever Been is now published!  I had the pleasure of painting the illustrations for the first book in the series, which made it to the New York Times Best Seller's List and recently entered into reprints!  The second book was equally as fun to paint, and it is an honor to be a part of the fun and hilarious world of Marcel the Shell!  Buy the new book today in bookstores or online.  The first book, Marcel the Shell With Shoes On: Things About Me, is also available in bookstores or online.  I hope the fanciful world of Marcel brings joy, color, and laughter to your world!

Amy Lind Marcel the Shell

The following images are paintings I created for the new book,

Marcel the Shell: The Most Surprised I've Ever Been

See images from the first book in the "additional works" section on my website

Amy Lind Marcel the Shell
Amy Lind Marcel the Shell
Amy Lind Marcel the Shell

All images from the children's picture books Marcel the Shell: The Most Surprised I've Ever Been and Marcel the Shell With Shoes On: Things About Me were painted by me (Amy Lind) and are © Jenny Slate and Dean Fleischer-Camp.  Both books are published by Penguin Books.

If you haven't checked out the videos that inspired the book series, click on the links below.  It's definitely worth your time!  There are now three videos - each under 5 minutes - and they all promise to have you in stitches.  ;) They are created by the very brilliant Jenny Slate and Dean Fleischer-Camp, who also co-authored the books.

video 1, video 2, video 3

Finally, I just came across these reviews of the first book.  Couldn't help but share...

"Marcel the Shell is a mollusk on the rise."

"We basically can't get enough Marcel—ever." 

"Our favorite anthropomorphic shell." 
(Entertainment Weekly)

"Utterly charming."
(The Washington Post)


"Charming Brooklyn-spawned viral video 'Marcel the Shell' is now a charming (and beautiful) children's book."
(New York Magazine)

"If you thought the viral video for Marcel the Shell with Shoes On was charming, check out this...new children's book featuring Marcel." 
(The New Yorker)

Principle Gallery Group Show "Tourist Season"

Here are the front and back of the postcard that Principle Gallery in Alexandria, VA made to advertise their upcoming group show "Tourist Season".  According to the gallery, the show "features stellar artists never before exhibited at Principle Gallery."  Needless to say, I am VERY excited to have been invited to show here, as I have been a long-time fan of the gallery and the roster of artists it represents.

Check out the works in the show on the gallery's website.  Also read their blog for spotlights on each of the artists in the show.

The following two paintings of mine are available in the show:

"Worthy of Love" Oil on Linen 13" x 14"

"Worthy of Love" Oil on Linen 13" x 14"

"Be Still" Oil on Linen 30" x 24"

"Be Still" Oil on Linen 30" x 24"

"Flora" Solo Show Opening Night

It's always a treat to see the result of many many many months worth of painting come together dressed in handsome frames, on the walls, under the lights.  I am forever thankful to Robert Lange Studios for hosting yet again another great opening reception in their spectacular space!  And I couldn't feel more supported by all the friends who came up from Savannah to the opening.  I reflect back to seven and half years ago when I had my first solo show at Robert Lange Studios, and "Flora" marks my sixth solo show with this fine art gallery.  To see photos from each of my solo shows visit the "solo shows" section on my website.  Here are a few images from the opening night before people arrived and then a few group shots from the end of the night.

See available work at Robert Lange Studios.

"Nurture" Oil on panel 34" x 24"

From outside looking in through the window

"Blossom" OIl on Panel 20" x 16"

"Anew" OIl on Panel 73" x 48"

Amy & Josh Lind in middle, flanked by friends

Amy Lind in middle with Gallery Associate Curry Ernst on left and Gallery Owner/Director Megan Lange on right

"Came From" OIl on Panel 20" x 16"

Slowly But Surely...

Here is a glimpse of one of the paintings in my current show when it was still in-progress.  I have documented the evolution of four paintings from my show through time lapse photos that I hope to turn into a short video at some point!

And here is the finished painting, "Bittersweet" Oil on Panel, 45" x 28.5"

Painting w/ David Kassan

I had the pleasure of painting with renowned artist David Kassan back in November 2013.  Finally getting around to posting a few photos from the session.  One of my best friends, Clare, modeled for us in the Savannah studio of fellow artist, Jeff Markowsky.  Jeff was my life drawing professor at SCAD, and he is an incredible talent.  Check out his work!

Photo Credit: Jeff Markowsky.  From left to right: Amy Lind, David Kassan, Clare Ward

From left to right: model Clare Ward, David Kassan, Ben Ward, Jeff Markowsky (my painting was on the far left outside this picture)

SCAD's Permanent Collection

I love how much SCAD (Savannah College of Art and Design) supports its students and alumni by purchasing their artwork for their permanent collection.  As an alumnus myself, it brings me great joy to have pieces of my artwork speckled throughout SCAD's beautiful buildings.  SCAD recently renovated Morris Hall, and included 6 of my portrait/figurative works on this super fun eclectic salon style wall.  I originally studied Illustration in this very building, making it extra special.

Specifically, these are my pieces on the salon wall:

flowers flowers everywhere!

The sweet aroma of flowers has filled my studio for the last few weeks, as I have embarked on the beginning phases of my upcoming series of "Flora"-inspired paintings (to debut at Robert Lange Studios in May 2014).  I have really enjoyed the hands on process of picking out gorgeous flowers and constructing the many floral pieces for my models to wear.  My pursuit of outdoor settings for some of the paintings has forced me to leave my studio and bask in the beauty of the city that I live in and love, Savannah, GA.  Here are some behind the scenes images:

a simple crown of daisies


trying on the flowers for size before my model arrived


setting up an elaborate still life just begging to be painted!


the low country offers lush marsh landscapes - my model gracefully floated in the water


Art Renewal Center 2012-2013 Salon - Honorable Mention & Finalist!

I just received news that my paintings have been chosen for the prestigious Art Renewal Center (ARC) 2012-2013 Salon (for the third year in a row)!  My painting, Homecoming, has been awarded an Honorable Mention in the Figurative Category, and two of my paintings have been chosen as Finalists in the Figurative Category! Homecoming and Sentiment were created for my most recent show "Nuance" at Robert Lange Studios in Charleston, SC - Both paintings are sold, but you can view other paintings from the show and more available work on the gallery's website here.  Morning Solitude is available at Legacy Gallery in Scottsdale, AZ.  Congrats to all the deserving winners and finalists - check them out here.

See my work in last year's Salon here and the year before here.




Legacy Gallery's "25th Anniversary Show"

I will be in Scottsdale, AZ tonight for the opening of Legacy Gallery's 25th Anniversary Show!  This group show is sure to please, as it is full of beautiful paintings by many of their esteemed artists.  The work will be sold by draw and silent bid basis during the 6-8PM opening reception tonight.  I will have the following three paintings in the show:

Sheer Elegance  24" x 20"  Oil on panel  {framed}



Allure  14" x 24"  Oil on panel  {framed}



Morning Solitude  32" x 21"  Oil on panel  {framed}


For a look at all the work in the show, check out the gallery's website: www.legacygallery.com

Robert Lange Studios "Evolution" Group Show

I often paint people who are dear friends, but for Robert Lange Studios' upcoming group show, Evolution, I have drawn a subject very close to me - my father.  Here are my interpretations of him in 1992 and now in 2013:

childhood drawing:

The Artist's Father, 1992, Amy Lind - Age 8 (February 6, 1992)


11" x 8.5"

recent drawing:

The Artist's Father, 2013, Amy Lind - Age 29 (February 6, 2013)


14.5" x 14.5"

The evolution of my artistic ability so far as well as the inevitable evolution of life can be seen in the juxtaposition of two drawings I have done of my father - one when I was eight years old and one at my current age of 29.

My childhood drawing describes the form in simple terms, whereas the addition of elements such as light play a big role in my current work.  My artistic journey during the 21 years in between these two drawings has gone from simple definition of form, to hyperrealistic, and then back towards a more simplified approach combining elements of both styles.  At one point, I was preoccupied with fully rendering every inch of my picture plane as "accurately" and "realistically" as possible, thinking that including every precise detail was the best way to portray my subjects.  However, I have since intentionally moved away from that mindset into what I feel is a more sophisticated way of depicting my subjects.  One that allows for more expression, and one in which I use a variety of marks and techniques such as sharpening and softening edges to selectively focus the viewers attention.  Besides, the phenomenon of visual recognition, in which our brain can fill in the gaps and immediately recognize something with just a few basic shapes, is evident in my first drawing.  Specifically, the human mind is so in tune with the human figure that it is not necessary to depict every last detail.

Perhaps more fascinating than the maturing of my drawing skills as seen through these drawings, is the apparent aging of my father.  In the first drawing he was 41 years old and he is now 62.  At 41, I was compelled to capture the contrasting shapes of his black hair and smooth skin.  My dad still has the same overall profile, but his hairline has moved a bit further back exposing more of his forehead now.  The details of his aging skin have become an area of interest.  His beard has since changed from black to mostly white.  In both of these drawings, however, my eye first goes to his eye.  And in it you can still see his same, beautiful soul.

Hope you get a kick out of my highlighter/red pen signature in my childhood drawing!  ;)  Look forward to seeing you at the show opening tomorrow!

Legacy Gallery's "Holiday Small Works Show"

For this year's Small Works show at Legacy Gallery in Scottsdale, AZ, I decided to do something a little different for me.  Instead of the usual figure, eggs from my friend's chicken coup were the perfect model!  They stayed very still and didn't move a muscle.  The opening for this show is tonight, December 6.  For more information and to preview the show, visit the gallery's website.

Early Bird  5" x 12"  oil on linen  {framed}