Legacy Gallery's "25th Anniversary Show"

I will be in Scottsdale, AZ tonight for the opening of Legacy Gallery's 25th Anniversary Show!  This group show is sure to please, as it is full of beautiful paintings by many of their esteemed artists.  The work will be sold by draw and silent bid basis during the 6-8PM opening reception tonight.  I will have the following three paintings in the show:

Sheer Elegance  24" x 20"  Oil on panel  {framed}



Allure  14" x 24"  Oil on panel  {framed}



Morning Solitude  32" x 21"  Oil on panel  {framed}


For a look at all the work in the show, check out the gallery's website: www.legacygallery.com

Robert Lange Studios "Evolution" Group Show

I often paint people who are dear friends, but for Robert Lange Studios' upcoming group show, Evolution, I have drawn a subject very close to me - my father.  Here are my interpretations of him in 1992 and now in 2013:

childhood drawing:

The Artist's Father, 1992, Amy Lind - Age 8 (February 6, 1992)


11" x 8.5"

recent drawing:

The Artist's Father, 2013, Amy Lind - Age 29 (February 6, 2013)


14.5" x 14.5"

The evolution of my artistic ability so far as well as the inevitable evolution of life can be seen in the juxtaposition of two drawings I have done of my father - one when I was eight years old and one at my current age of 29.

My childhood drawing describes the form in simple terms, whereas the addition of elements such as light play a big role in my current work.  My artistic journey during the 21 years in between these two drawings has gone from simple definition of form, to hyperrealistic, and then back towards a more simplified approach combining elements of both styles.  At one point, I was preoccupied with fully rendering every inch of my picture plane as "accurately" and "realistically" as possible, thinking that including every precise detail was the best way to portray my subjects.  However, I have since intentionally moved away from that mindset into what I feel is a more sophisticated way of depicting my subjects.  One that allows for more expression, and one in which I use a variety of marks and techniques such as sharpening and softening edges to selectively focus the viewers attention.  Besides, the phenomenon of visual recognition, in which our brain can fill in the gaps and immediately recognize something with just a few basic shapes, is evident in my first drawing.  Specifically, the human mind is so in tune with the human figure that it is not necessary to depict every last detail.

Perhaps more fascinating than the maturing of my drawing skills as seen through these drawings, is the apparent aging of my father.  In the first drawing he was 41 years old and he is now 62.  At 41, I was compelled to capture the contrasting shapes of his black hair and smooth skin.  My dad still has the same overall profile, but his hairline has moved a bit further back exposing more of his forehead now.  The details of his aging skin have become an area of interest.  His beard has since changed from black to mostly white.  In both of these drawings, however, my eye first goes to his eye.  And in it you can still see his same, beautiful soul.

Hope you get a kick out of my highlighter/red pen signature in my childhood drawing!  ;)  Look forward to seeing you at the show opening tomorrow!

Legacy Gallery's "Holiday Small Works Show"

For this year's Small Works show at Legacy Gallery in Scottsdale, AZ, I decided to do something a little different for me.  Instead of the usual figure, eggs from my friend's chicken coup were the perfect model!  They stayed very still and didn't move a muscle.  The opening for this show is tonight, December 6.  For more information and to preview the show, visit the gallery's website.

Early Bird  5" x 12"  oil on linen  {framed}

Waterhouse Gallery's "Great American Figurative Show"

I'm honored once again to be among some incredibly talented figurative artists in this year's "Great American Figurative Show" at Waterhouse Gallery in Santa Barbara, CA.  The opening took place in November, but my piece, In Bloom, will hang through the new year.  See the piece below and also on the gallery's website.  While you're there, take a look at the whole show. It's worth checking out.

In Bloom  13" x 16" oil on linen {framed}

"Nuance" three-women-show - November

I am so so so excited about the upcoming three-women-show "Nuance" featuring new work by Ali Cavanaugh, Mia Bergeron and me.  The show runs November 2-28 at Robert Lange Studios in Charleston, SC.  All three of us will be at the opening and we'd love to meet you!  So come stop by if you're in the area!!  Did I mention how excited I am?!  Can't wait to see all the work come together in just a few short weeks... Here are some of the pieces I've finished so far:


Homecoming  30" x 30"  oil on linen  { framed }


Sentiment  24" x 24"  oil on linen  { framed }

Southern Roots  30" x 30"  oil on linen  { framed }


30" x 20"  oil on linen  { framed }

I'm currently finishing up the last few pieces for the show, so check back between now and November 2 to see those.  Also, keep an eye out for the November issue of American Art Collector magazine, as it previews the show.  AAANND, my studio will be featured in the November issue of Southwest Art magazine!  Looks like November is my lucky month!  ;)

"Circus of Wonders" Solo Show Opening - Robert Lange Studios in Charleston, SC

It's been a whirlwind catching up with life after my show and the holidays.  I'm finally getting around to posting some photos of my solo show opening, which was a blast!!  Thanks to fabulous gallery owners Rob and Megs and wonderful gallery director Carri for all your love, encouragement, and support!  :)

"Circus of Wonders" opened December 3, 2010.  Some works still available for viewing and purchase at Robert Lange Studios.

Attendees were welcomed with a red velvet curtain...

Me with adorable Gallery Director Carri Schwab

My dapper husband, Josh, and me

Josh and me with fantastic gallery owners Megan and Rob Lange.

COVER of American Art Collector magazine!!! December 2010 Issue 62

I can't believe it's taken me so long to post this on my blog!  I am overjoyed and honored to say the least that my painting was chosen for the cover of American Art Collector!!!  A HUGE thank you to editor Joshua Rose for thinking my work is worthy of the coveted spot in the magazine!  :)  Truly a dream come true.

Here is an image of the cover and the feature inside of my December solo show "Circus of Wonders."  (December 2010, Issue 62)

"Great American Figurative Show" Group Show Opening - Waterhouse Gallery in Santa Barbara, CA

In the chaos of several group shows and a solo show within the last two months of the year, I was so caught up in painting, photographing, framing, and shipping work, that I didn't have much time to sit at my computer.  I've finally caught an available moment to put up some new posts.  So to start, here is the "Great American Figurative Show," which opened in November at Waterhouse Gallery in Santa Barbara, CA. Click here to view article on show in Southwest Art magazine entitled "Top Figurative Artists Converge at Waterhouse Gallery."

BACK ROW L-R: (unknown woman), Aaron Westerberg, Glenn Dean, Ignat Ignotov, me - Amy Lind, Joseph Todorovitch, Jeremy Lipking, Sergio Sanchez, Peter Adams, James Bertucci

BOTTOM ROW: Tony Pro, (sorry, I forget the name!)

Me at dinner with most delightful gallery owners Diane and Ralph Waterhouse

The next morning, they surprised all the artists with a trolley ride tour of Santa Barbara!

The gang - many talented artists gathered in one spot

Waterhouse Gallery - Great American Figurative Show

This week, I dropped off my painting to the esteemed Waterhouse Gallery in Santa Barbara for the upcoming group show "Great American Figurative Show."  It's exciting to be a part of a show that is just a hop, skip, and a jump away from my new home in LA.  The gallery is located on State Street in the beautiful courtyard area known as "La Arcada" filled with restaurants and shops (see photo above that I snapped as I entered La Arcada).  When I arrived, Diane Waterhouse was in the midst of hanging the show, which opens Saturday, November 20, so she went ahead and popped my painting up on the wall.  (In above photo, my painting is the one on the right).  I'm not sure if the arrangement is final, as they'll continue tweaking things once they receive all the work for the large exhibition.  But for now, I'll take the prime spot on the wall as you walk in the door!  : )  I could not be more honored to have my work hang next to so many masters and idols of mine!  Thanks Diane for inviting me to be a part of this spectacular show!  Here is a list of all the participating artists:

Peter Adams, Jonathan Ahn, Carolyn Anderson, Aldo Balding, Bela Bacsi, Dan Beck, Kevin Beilfuss, Jacqueline Bischak, Scott Burdick, John Michael Carter, Eli Cedrone, Elaine Manning Crook, Nancy Seamons Crookston, Romel De La Torre, Kim English, Cody Erickson, Dan Gerhartz, Vincent Giarrano, Adrian Gottlieb, Trent Gudmundsen, Steve Hanks, Johanna Harmon, Quang Ho, Ray Hunter, Ignat Ignatov, Jason Juan, David Kassan, Mary Carol Kenny, Ed Kucera, Mark Lague, Robert Lembler, Amy Lind, Jeremy Lipking, Bryce Cameron Liston, Fongwei Liu, Huihan Liu, Yingzhao Liu, Susan Lyon, Michael Malm, Michael Mao, Jennifer McChristian, Stan Moeller, Craig Nelson, Marci Oleszkiewicz, Tom Pinch, Tony Pro, Junna Roca, Cesar Santos, Molly Schmid, Eric Slayton, Joseph Todorovitch, Hsin-Yao Tseng, Tim Wang, Benjamin Wu, Jang Yumsung

"Great American Figurative Show" at Waterhouse Gallery

La Arcada, 1114 State Street, Suite 9, Santa Barbara, A 93101

OPENS: November 20

ARTISTS RECEPTION: November 20th 4-7pm


"Women Painting Women" Group Show Opening and Press: Art See magazine Nov/Dec & American Art Collector Issue 61

I just returned home from - dare I say it - THE most exciting group show opening that Robert Lange Studios has ever had!  The gallery was full of female figurative paintings by over 50 extraordinary women artists (a.k.a. "Women Painting Women").  It was wonderful to meet the other artists who were in town.  Specifically, I spent the weekend running around with Haley Hasler and fellow RLS artist Kerry Brooks.  Visit Robert Lange Studios' website for everything you'd want to know about the show, including all the paintings in the show, photos of the opening night, press clippings, etc... This show got tons of press!  For full list, see the gallery's website.  Here are glimpses of the features in Art See Magazine and American Art Collector.

ART SEE November/December 2010:


Here are some snapshots of the weekend:

BELOW: Beautiful diptych by Adrienne Stein

Me with Sadie Valeri, founder of Women Painting Women Blog (the impetus for this whole show!)  Sadie and I met almost three years ago in San Francisco at the Bay Area Classical Artist Atelier while studying with Michael Grimaldi.

In front of my painting "Star" with my handsome husband!

Kerry Brooks, me, and Haley Hasler

With the fabulous gallery director Carri Schwab

On the swing in the gallery...

Gallery owners Robert & Megan Lange, American Art Collector's Amy Elliot, artist Haley Hasler

Artist Kerry Brooks, me, my hubby Josh Lind, Editor of American Art Collector Joshua Rose

sneak peek

Here's another circus-themed painting for my solo show this December.  I will be debuting this one in a group show entitled "Women Painting Women" in November at Robert Lange Studios.

64" x 42" Oil on Belgian Linen

Working on this series has been a breakthrough for me in terms of letting go.  I am often referred to as a "photo realistic" painter when, in fact, that is not my intention and I prefer simply "naturalistic painter."  Pushing myself to make more marks and not to over work things has always been a challenge for me.  I am happy to say that I am finally getting to a point where I am more comfortable describing texture through visible brush stokes.  I personally find the addition of them more meaningful and interesting than smoothness and precision throughout.  I have always believed that the combination of loose areas with more developed areas lends a sense of variety and truth to a painting.  I hope you will also enjoy the new found liberty and expression that I have achieved in my new works.

OPA National Show Opening

For the past few months, I've been busy traveling all over and finishing up a number of portrait commissions.  Sorry for the lack of posts; The next few posts will be making up for lost time...  The good news is that now I am freed up to focus on my latest series of paintings for my December solo show! Here is a glimpse into the fantastic Oil Painters of America National Juried Exhibition held at the Legacy Gallery in Scottsdale, AZ this past May.  This show was filled with work by many incredibly talented artists, and it was a huge honor to have my painting hang alongside such amazing work!

Me with my wonderful husband, Josh, and my painting,

Belle Fleur 36" x 24"  oil on Belgian linen {available}

After the show with American Art Collector's Allie Peters (left) and Amy Elliot (middle)

Accepted into OIL PAINTERS OF AMERICA Annual Nat'l Show!

My painting, Belle Fleur (36" x 24" oil on Belgian linen) was recently accepted into the prestigious 19th Annual National Juried Exhibition of Traditional Oils!  It is quite an honor -- I could not be happier!  I look forward to a fun weekend in Scottsdale, Arizona for the opening reception, which takes place on Friday, April 30 from 5-9 pm.  The show will be held at the Legacy Gallery from April 30 - May 30, 2010.  For anyone in the area interested in popping by, the gallery is located at the address below and its hours are 10am - 5pm seven days a week.

The Legacy Gallery 7178 Main Street Scottsdale, AZ 85251


I've taken a bit of a break after the opening of my show to take some much needed relaxation and catch up on non-work related things.  Sorry it's taken me so long to post these. amy_lind-the_lines_between

The Lines Between

54" x 34"

oil on belgian linen



36" x 36"

oil on belgian linen


Gavin Profile

18" x 12"

oil on belgian linen

"Profile" Solo Show feature - American Art Collector November 2009 Issue 49

amy_lind-aac_49 Wohoo!  I just received my online version of the November (Issue 49) American Art Collector magazine.  It will be in bookstores (Barnes & Noble, Borders) by the end of October/beginning of November.  It features 18 solo shows across the US this month, and mine is one of them!  I am very honored to be alongside such amazing artists.  Check it out!

This November, I will be exhibiting 20 new figurative works that all focus on the profile view in a solo show, entitled Profile, at Robert Lange Studios in Charleston, South Carolina.  The opening reception will be held Friday, November 6 from 5:30-8:30 PM.  As part of CFADA's annual Fine Art Weekend, I will be plein air painting along with 20 other artists in Washington Park from 9Am-noon on Saturday, November 7.  The paintings done in the park on Saturday morning will be auctioned off at the Charleston Art Auction Saturday evening to raise money for schoolchildren's art supplies.

GRAND OPENING at RLS - artist Nathan Durfee


image above: Nathan Durfee, The Arrival, 22" x 22", oil on panel

For those of you fortunate enough to be in the Charleston area (unlike myself), please go check out the show tonight at ROBERT LANGE STUDIOS in their new gorgeous space located just a block away from their old spot. Fantastical artist Nathan Durfee will undoubtedly bring the space to life with his colorfully whimsical paintings as he presents many new works in his show "Thoughts Between the Sky and Sea."

Friday, October 2, 5-8 PM

Robert Lange Studios (new location!) 2 Queen St. Charleston, SC


Brand Spankin' New!

amy_lind-jessica_profile Belle Fleur, Jessica Profile

oil on belgian linen

36" x 24"

My first painting done in Los Angeles of the beautiful (and fellow recent LA resident) Jessica Nicole Collins

{ will be part of my "Profile" solo show in November at Robert Lange Studios }

UPDATE: Painting was accepted into the Oil Painters of America National Juried Exhibition of Traditional Oils in May 2010.