"Great American Figurative Show" Group Show Opening - Waterhouse Gallery in Santa Barbara, CA

In the chaos of several group shows and a solo show within the last two months of the year, I was so caught up in painting, photographing, framing, and shipping work, that I didn't have much time to sit at my computer.  I've finally caught an available moment to put up some new posts.  So to start, here is the "Great American Figurative Show," which opened in November at Waterhouse Gallery in Santa Barbara, CA. Click here to view article on show in Southwest Art magazine entitled "Top Figurative Artists Converge at Waterhouse Gallery."

BACK ROW L-R: (unknown woman), Aaron Westerberg, Glenn Dean, Ignat Ignotov, me - Amy Lind, Joseph Todorovitch, Jeremy Lipking, Sergio Sanchez, Peter Adams, James Bertucci

BOTTOM ROW: Tony Pro, (sorry, I forget the name!)

Me at dinner with most delightful gallery owners Diane and Ralph Waterhouse

The next morning, they surprised all the artists with a trolley ride tour of Santa Barbara!

The gang - many talented artists gathered in one spot