"Women Painting Women" Group Show Opening and Press: Art See magazine Nov/Dec & American Art Collector Issue 61

I just returned home from - dare I say it - THE most exciting group show opening that Robert Lange Studios has ever had!  The gallery was full of female figurative paintings by over 50 extraordinary women artists (a.k.a. "Women Painting Women").  It was wonderful to meet the other artists who were in town.  Specifically, I spent the weekend running around with Haley Hasler and fellow RLS artist Kerry Brooks.  Visit Robert Lange Studios' website for everything you'd want to know about the show, including all the paintings in the show, photos of the opening night, press clippings, etc... This show got tons of press!  For full list, see the gallery's website.  Here are glimpses of the features in Art See Magazine and American Art Collector.

ART SEE November/December 2010:


Here are some snapshots of the weekend:

BELOW: Beautiful diptych by Adrienne Stein

Me with Sadie Valeri, founder of Women Painting Women Blog (the impetus for this whole show!)  Sadie and I met almost three years ago in San Francisco at the Bay Area Classical Artist Atelier while studying with Michael Grimaldi.

In front of my painting "Star" with my handsome husband!

Kerry Brooks, me, and Haley Hasler

With the fabulous gallery director Carri Schwab

On the swing in the gallery...

Gallery owners Robert & Megan Lange, American Art Collector's Amy Elliot, artist Haley Hasler

Artist Kerry Brooks, me, my hubby Josh Lind, Editor of American Art Collector Joshua Rose