Weekend With the Masters

This year's "Weekend With the Masters" was held in late September nearby LA in Laguna Beach, making me one very lucky gal!  While I was too cheap to get the entire weekend pass, I was able to rub elbows with some of my idols and attend various lectures and painting demonstrations by many "masters."  I listened to Daniel Graves, founder of the Florence Academy of Art, give an insightful lecture, saw Morgan Weistling paint an exquisite portrait, and witnessed Scott Burdick and Daniel Gerhartz paint portraits of the beautiful and talented painter Michelle Dunaway side by side in the annual "face-off." IMAGE BELOW: Morgan Weistling

IMAGE BELOW: Portrait to the right by Daniel Gerhartz

IMAGE BELOW L - R: Scott Burdick, Michelle Dunaway, Daniel Gerhartz

IMAGE BELOW: Scott Burdick's painting