Coraline in 3D

coraline_sets_faces Last Thursday, Josh and I were invited to the Chicago premiere of "Coraline" in 3D. It was spectacular! Following the movie we attended a cocktail party hosted by Laika, the production company that created the movie, and Liz Laine Reps, who represents Laika. It was wonderful to meet Liz and her partners, and Laika brought a special treat - the beautifully crafted "barbie-sized" characters and sets used to create the stop-motion masterpiece. There was also a looping behind the scenes video showing things such as a woman knitting the miniature sweater that Coraline was incredible to see!

Apparently, the "Jonas Brothers: the 3D Concert Experience" will be kicking "Coraline" out of many theaters soon, so make sure to see it before it's gone! It's quite wonderful to see on the big screen.