Oxford American 100 under 100 The New Superstars of Southern Art

I'm a little late posting this, but that doesn't mean I'm not super excited and honored to be one of Oxford American's "100 under 100 New Superstars of Southern Art"!  Each year, this fantastic magazine puts out a "visual south" issue.  This year, I was nominated by a fellow southerner and VERY talented artist Cedric Smith.  Both his paintings and photography are equally wonderful.  On top of selling his work at galleries in Paris and NYC (to name a few places), he has recently started a successful and amusing blog consisting of his photos documenting stylish people in everyday life around town.  Check it out: yourewelcomesavannah.com.  And here is his website of paintings: cedricsmith.com

The printed magazine includes the first 40 of 100 "stars" and sadly I am much closer to 100...  Here is what the bit about me looks like online.  I cannot express enough how grateful I am to the very talented and dear gentleman, Cedric Smith, for thinking so highly of me and saying so.  Your words are truly too kind but much appreciated.  Click here to see the other 41-100 stars!

Here is a blurb from the Oxford American's website regarding their Visual South Issue (February 2012, Issue 76):

"This new "Visual South Issue" is the result of joggling a massive crew of curators, critics, established artists, and "Art Insiders" to nominate THE NEW 100 SUPERSTARS OF SOUTHERN ART.

The FINAL LIST is overwhelming in its quality and collecting all this great new art left us kind of numb—in a good way."