Women Painting Women blog


I am very honored to be included as an artist on the blog


which includes 'favorite paintings of women by women, with a focus on contemporary, living artists.'  I met the creator of the blog, Sadie Valeri, while we were studying Portrait Painting under Michael Grimaldi at the Bay Area Classical Artist Atelier exactly one year ago.  Sadie is a very ambitious artist who strives to achieve great technical skill but also continues to learn about and question the principles and ideas surrounding painting both in the past and how they exist in our society today.  She has a personal blog (Sadievaleri.blogspot.com) that often includes step by step/in process shots of her paintings (mostly still life).  Her new blog, 'Women Painting Women' already contains the work of over 25 women artists in the first week of its conception.  The artists are all incredible and their work encompasses a variety of styles.  I look forward to checking back often, as I have discovered several artists I did not know of before.  How far we women have come!  Thanks, Sadie, for thinking of me.