hard drive crash - need contact info!

14005_lg My computer's hard drive decided to die on me.  I have replaced it so my computer is running again, but I was unsuccessful at retrieving any of the files off my old drive.  I have out-of-date back-ups of some important files, but unfortunately my email and contacts are not recent.

IF YOU WERE EVER ON MY MAILING LIST OR WOULD LIKE TO BE FOR THE FIRST TIME, PLEASE send me an email with your email address (and physical address if you'd like to receive postcards for my shows).  I would love to put the pieces back together and say that I am whole again...


Why do we depend on computers so much?  You'd think as a fine artist I wouldn't.  But ahh, quite the contrary.  Luckily, I do have back-ups of the digital documentation of my paintings as well as my website files.  Losing some personal photos of my friends and family is hard to take, though....but as my husband optimistically put it, "We don't have any good photos of us anyway.  We have our wedding photos and that's all we need."  I guess we did have too many unimportant photos of us...maybe this was God's way of doing some 'Spring cleaning' on my computer.  I know we have a whole life ahead of us that will present us with many a more photo op..

Here's to Spring cleaning!