Christine Hall Photography

christine_hall_wedding_photos { all photos above from my wedding taken by Christine Hall }

A huge thanks to the amazing photographer, Christine Hall, for your ever so flattering and thoughtful blog post!  I had the pleasure of meeting Chrissy when she photographed our wedding.  She is such a fun spirit and insanely talented photographer!  I always love when inspiration is reciprocal between artists!  I got to visit with her in May in her new studio space in Savannah.  If you are in the market for a photographer to shoot a wedding or portrait of your family, please check out her work:

the following excerpt is from Christine Hall's blog:

"Amy Lind

Wow, it is amazing how just her visiting and talking to her at the studio it put me into this creative frenzy. I hit lulls now and again and think so much about the business now a days that when I feel that creative side in me stirring inside I feel like I did in college,  free, fun, and endless ideas that I knew were possible and trusting my instinct instead of what is safe or popular. If you are searching for a great painted portrait look no further then Amy Lind, I can ‘t wait to get mine, and ps we make a very good team with her painting from some of my portraits. Her website is fabulous amazing beautiful inside and out."