Production Designer for HGTV Commercial

While visiting LA in May, I jumped on board as Production Designer for HGTV's (Home and Garden Television) summer commercial campaign Directed by Mike Goubeaux.  The project was co-produced by the Dandy Dwarves (my hubby's company!) and LA motion graphics company Roger.  Josh (my hubby) produced the live action shoot and Roger added the motion graphics in post production.  We created HGTV's whole summer broadcast campaign, which consists of six :15 ID spots (seen below) and one :30 commercial spot (seen above).

As Production Designer, I had four days to find, pick out, obtain, and put together essentially EVERYTHING you see in this commercial - from the plants and grass, to the picnic set-up including the food, to the clothing worn by the actors, etc....all the little details down to the salt that rimmed the margarita glasses.  Basically, everything but the actors themselves.  It was a crazy sleepless week, but it was a blast and the end product looks great!  Watch for this commercial and the other six 15 second spots throughout the summer on HGTV!

Initially, I only put the 30 second spot in this post, but decided to add this video with the six 15 second spots combined because I remembered that one of them uses *sparklers*!  I thought it would be a bright way of saying Happy 4th of July!

Hope you all take some time to be with friends and family to celebrate our independence!