Andrew Wyeth ::: 07.12.1917 - 01.16.2009

andrew_wyeth_helga andrewwyethgeraniums

I have been living in a bit of a bubble for the past month and just heard the sad news of Andrew Wyeth's passing.  He has been very influential to me as a painter.  Specifically, I am fascinated by his figurative works depicting Helga that capture such candid, raw, truthful moments.  His use of light and shadow are unprecedented, and his ability to convey a strong sense of mood and mystery within a desolate room, window, or landscape is inspiring.  His drawings and watercolors are just as precious - if not more - than his painstaking tempura paintings.  He truly had a unique ability to translate mundane life into beautiful drawings and paintings for the world to enjoy.

Long live a great American master!