Dancing in the Sun

Pencil Face img_7319_red



I must ask your forgiveness right now in advance for the next several posts that I intend to write because they are all basically bragging about my wonderful husband, Josh, and his budding video production company, the Dandy Dwarves.  The Dandy Dwarves have been busy creating amazing work for several years now, but recently they have been a part of some VERY exciting events!  Last week, I had the pleasure of accompanying my husband and cinematographer/visual effects artist Andrew Cook to the Sundance Film Festival as one of their short films screened at the festival.  Pencil Face was directed by Christian Simmons and can be viewed on the Dandy Dwarves' website.  { also, see link to site in column to the right }

Needless to say, I am quite proud of my husband as well as Andrew and Christian.  They are an amazing team and an extremely talented bunch.